River Blossom Jade is our trade name for the fine jade found in the Eel river and tributaries in the remote wilds of the Trinity county alps in Northern California. We own a large private property holding on the Eel river, in a deep gorge, near the headwaters of the north fork of the Eel river. The area is only accessible by helicopter or a many hours long arduous hike. The hike out is even worse. Straight up in places and extremely physically grueling is the best way to describe it. So instead....We have the chopper drop us off with all of our gear for a week long stay. We wander the edges of the water and gather our rare jades. We set up cargo nets in strategic locations and put in as much jade and interesting other stones that we can find. This must be done within the weight limit of the helicopter. Our entire mission is sustainable. We do not dig. We only pick up what mother Nature gives us. During the drought times she is very stingy and gives us almost nothing new. After giant storms she gifts us an abundance of stones to choose from. The stone this necklace was made from was gathered in one of the years of abundance. Super fine faceted RBjade barrels and rondelles combined with deep purple amethyst create a fine feeling and looking necklace. Sterling silver metal completes the piece. We call this "RiverBlossomJade" as the winter storms create high water that delivers the jade for us to simply pick up as the water recedes in the summer. The jade just blossoms from the water just as the flowers do. The pictured piece is exactly the piece you will receive. The metaphysical properties of this jade are said to bring prosperity, good health, a calming and peaceful mind as well as facilitates clear meditation.

RiverBlossomJade Necklace